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Dan Ohtan Wang, Ph.D.



2007               Summer Brain Science Institute, RIKEN summer course on Brain science: Mystery and Mission, Japan

2005               Summer Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory course on Biology of Memory

2002-2004     University of Southern California, Ph.D. Neuroscience

2000-2002     The Cellular and Molecular Biology graduate program, University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA

1998-2000      Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, M.A. Biosciences

1994-1998       Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, B.S. Bioengineering



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Goldie BJ, Fitzsimmons C, Weidenhofer J. Atkins JR, Wang DO, and Cairns MJ. miRNA enriched in human neuroblast nuclei bind the MAZ transcription factor and their precursors contain the MAZ consensus motif. (2017) Front. Mol Neurosci DOI: 10.3389/fnmol.2017.00259



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*This work has been featured in “Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun” and “Weekly Economist”.


Hayashi G, Yanase M, Takeda K, Sakakibara D, Sakamoto R, Wang DO, Okamoto A*. Hybridization-sensitive fluorescent oligonucleotide probe conjugated with a bulky module for compartment-specific mRNA monitoring in a living cell. (2015) Bioconjug Chem. Mar 18;26(3):412-7. 


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(Equal contribution)


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* This work was highlighted in a “Perspectives” article by M. Korte in the same issue of Science, featured as an “Editor’s choice” in Sci. Signal., 23 June 2009, selected as a “must read” article by Faculty of 1000, and featured in popular science media including Fortune, Yahoo news and BBC Focus.



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Wang D and Kudo A*. The regulation of Ig rearrangement in bone marrow and spleen. (1999) JikkenIgaku (Japanese). 17:16-20.

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